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Dalba, Goeller & Company

Mark S. Frommer | Partner



Accounting firms, like people, have distinctive personalities. The quality that best describes

the Accounting Firm of Dalba, Goeller & Company is our willingness to go beyond the

routine to provide an extra dimension in ability, effort and service.


Since 1973, the Accounting Firm of Dalba, Goeller & Co. has been dedicated to serving the

client who needs more than just an accountant. Our goal is to provide you with the best of

both worlds: the best in accounting, tax and consulting services, and a personal,

down-to-earth approach to the special needs of your business.


Years of extensive, hands-on experience in small business consulting have earned us a distinctive reputation for quality and service. Our commitment to continuing education guarantees up-to-date information from all departments of our firm. And, of course, you are always assured of complete confidentiality when working with us.