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Ed was very knowledgeable, offered suggestions and understanding of my needs. He was onsite from the start and remained until the project was completed. Thank you
I was in need of a trusted contractor when I found The Remodeling Network online. Ed for the peace of mind in knowing my project would be completed to my specifications. I got good quality, beautiful results. Great job!

I found Remodeling Network LLC online and I was very excited to see that they offer several estimates at one time. There website was great and easy to navigate through. I found the vendor page to be very useful. All of the contractors are licensed and very professional. I would highly recommend using the Remodeling Network for any of your remodeling needs!!!!

Darrell K.

Had the pleasure of working with Ed. He and his team did a great job with directing my family on our best approach for our project. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.



Jennifer K.

Mary Anne P. 

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